Tournament Rules

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Don’t forget to buy your mulligans and bring your toonies for the designated hitters
and drivers!! Mulligans can be used on any tee box and on all contests.

Modified Texas Scramble Rules
– Each team has 4 (or 5) players. All players tee off from the lavender tee boxes. The caddie, or 5th person, can only play a maximum of 2 shots per hole … choose wisely!
– The best first shot is selected and only the 3rd or 4th remaining players hit from that position. The best 2nd shot is chosen and again only the 3rd or 4th remaining players hit from that position and so on until the ball is on the green. (Simply put, if your shot is used, you sit the next shot out). Once on the green all players putt.
– On the green, team members may play in any order from the chosen position with all members putting from the same spot. Use a hand as the “gimme” length … who has the biggest hand?? “Gimme” strokes are counted, they just don’t have to be putted out.
– A minimum of 2 tee shots must be used for each player, excluding those by the designated drivers. The team captain is to keep track of the number of tee shots per player used in the round.
– Take advantage of the Designated Hitters and Drivers who will be available to help at various locations throughout the course. For a mere toonie per player your team can buy their “services” to ensure long drives and accurate shots as required.

Please help raise money for our 2018 campaign and speed up play by purchasing “designated shots”

Please keep up to the foursome in front so we can all get to the 19th hole before sunset.